I thought we (our society) were getting smarter when it comes to our health and the environment. I thought plastic usage was diminishing. Plastic usage is actually increasing. Why? With all we know – why is there more plastic in our lives? A question more close to home for us in the kombucha brewing world is why would anyone use a plastic keg to dispense kombucha?? Why?

Unfortunately, all of those questions can be answered with one single lament – MONEY.

As of right now we know all plastics leach chemicals into the liquids or foods contained within. Most of those chemicals are estrogenic. They mimic estrogen in our bodies and cause serious problems. That is why I ask the questions. It does not matter if the container states “BPA Free”. It does not matter if the manufacturer states they are safe. It simply does not matter. In all cases – plastic, when used in a product that contains food or beverages – is dangerous. It is wrong to risk the health of human beings to save a few pennies. Yet, that is what is happening.

Even more astounding is the use of plastic to dispense kombucha – beautiful kombucha. We consume kombucha to better our health. We consume kombucha because we care about our bodies and our health. Plastic should not be used in the same sentence with kombucha. Yet, there are kombucha companies distributing and dispensing kombucha using plastic, single-use, five-gallon kegs. They will tell you it is safe. They will tell you the plastic is recyclable. They will tell you the earth is flat. All lies.

This is not simply the rant of an old hippie. These disturbing facts are validated by peer-reviewed studies. The NIH (National Institute of Health), the preeminent research institution holds several studies showing the disturbing effects of using plastic in food and beverage containers. Yet, the practice continues unabated. Therefore, it is up to us to educate ourselves and say “no.” Check out this study for more information!

Bootstrap Kombucha will never allow plastic to come in contact with our kombucha. We love kombucha for its beneficial effects and we will continue to use safe stainless steel kegs and brewing vessels. (As I write this last sentence I am still amazed there are kombucha companies brewing in plastic! What the hell! An acidic beverage in plastic! Are they thinking at all!). Using stainless steel is not cheap by any means. Cleaning and reusing stainless steel kegs is time consuming and expensive. Our stainless steel brewing tanks are works of art and we are very proud of them.

Anyway, watch what you consume. Ask questions. Ask to see the kegs under the counter. If you see blue kegs – run away!

Bootstrap kombucha promises to take the high road. We do not cut corners. We adhere to time-honored kombucha brewing methods and we will always do so.